Building a $25,000/month content repurposing service

Learn how Shaina built her $25k/month content repurposing business.

1. Hello! Who are you and what is your business?

I am Shaina Weisinger, founder and CEO of Repurpose House. I actually started my business because I have a background in video production for digital marketing. I was actually doing a ton of video for some amazing brands and I was really pushing my clients to do value based content. I got sick of clients always wanting to do videos about themselves and how awesome they are. I had to keep telling them “nobody cares about you, nobody cares about how awesome you are“.

Give content that gives value and that for sure is going to be how you are going to catch people’s attention and they’re going to really see you as a brand that they want to engage with. So one of the ways I was doing that for clients was through video podcasts.

I was actually producing and managing video podcasts for businesses. One of the things that I was giving them with that package was the repurposed assets. So as I was trying to pitch this, I kept being told the exact same thing: “We don’t care about the video part, but if you were to just repurpose our podcasts into all of these little audio grams and image quotes, we would just throw our money at you.

And I was like, well, wait a second, this doesn’t exist yet. And low and behold it did not. Now there are a lot of other options out there to do it yourself. There are some great platforms but there was not really a business that could actually do it for you outside a full fledged agency who was going to charge a crazy amount.

 That’s when I started in July 2018. At that time we were just offering to podcasters video and audio gram packages on a weekly basis. I quickly realized that podcasters were not exactly our ideal demographic. Some people would sign up and it was like a no brainer for them and they thought we were undercharging. And then everybody else was like, it was like pulling teeth to even get people to pay anything to have their content repurposed.

Some people would sign up and it was like a no brainer for them. For everybody else, it was like pulling teeth to even get people to pay anything to have their content repurposed.

So I kind of had a moment of reflection where I was like: It’s too difficult to sell this. This should not be the case. My background is marketing. I know how valuable this is. And I realized that the common denominator amongst our clients that all pulled the trigger super quickly was that they were not just podcasters, they were digital marketers who were using podcasting as one arm of their marketing strategy.

That was awesome news for me because my background is digital marketing. So I was like, all right, hang tight. If we are going to do this, we are going to repackage this entire thing. We are going to offer what we know we need to offer for this demographic and we are going to change how we deliver it. So I rebranded, created Repurpose House in November of 2018 and instead of doing a weekly package, we decided to do the submit by 5:00 PM, get by 8:00 AM the next business day. Essentially the Design Pickle model of Russ Perry, the CEO, who is a buddy of mine and I actually have been to the Philippines with him and his team. It was great because I got an insider view on how to make a very scalable business that seems SaaS, but is actually a productized service. So I started with Repurpose House in November and it’s been crazy ever since.

I rebranded, created Repurpose House in November of 2018 and instead of doing a weekly package, we decided to do the submit by 5:00 PM, get by 8:00 AM the next business day. Essentially the Design Pickle model.

When we started, I was essentially selling this thing through cold outreach. Our big push was to even find out if this is something that digital marketers wanted, so I invested about 10 grand in a booth at Traffic and Conversion conference in February 2019. It was a massive amount to throw into a business that wasn’t making money. It was in the red because I had hired my director of ops right out of the gates. So I was like, well, we will know real quick if we are onto something, going to a digital marketers conference and gauging everybody’s reaction. So that was pretty incredible because people went nuts over it.

Since then it has been a whole lot of word of mouth, a whole lot of cold outreach through emails, which has been amazing. Events have been really great for us as well. Our model is, you submit by 5:00 PM you get everything back by 8:00 AM. So essentially what happens is we will take anything long form content wise, video, audio, podcast episodes.

When I say video, I mean like speaking engagements, webinars, anything longer form even will take up to two minutes anyway. We also repurpose blog posts. So we will take up to a hundred words of a blog or any kind of text or up to two minutes of video or audio and we will repurpose that into eight different ways for social media. So that same clip will be a square video meme or audiogram, a landscape video meme or audiogram for Youtube, an IG story size, an audiogram, etc. All of those with captions on them. With the exception of Youtube we will give you the SRT file, which is the caption file to upload. So it’s searchable. We’ll also do squares, a landscape and a story size, and image quotes. So whether it’s something amazing, somebody sending a podcast episode or a stat or something dope that you know, you can say in 25 words or less. And then we’ll do a youtube thumbnail and a Facebook ads. Those square video memes get boosted or used as ads a lot. 

You have got two different plans. The basic plan gets you one of those assets repurposed all eight ways each week. So you submit by Monday you get everything by Friday. Then you have the influencer plan, where you submit by 5.00 PM and get by 8:00 AM. What is really cool about that plan is that I 100% suggest to do front-loading. For example you can take the first Monday of every month, load up 20 pieces of content and just know that every business day, a new ticket full of eight repurposed assets will be in your inbox ready to rock and roll.


2. How do you attract and retain your customers?

For the first users we were basically reaching out to people from my video production company, Wake Brand Media. I was fortunate because I knew a lot of marketers and also I knew a lot of marketers who are utilizing videos. So we were able to pull some of those clients initially. The other first users were from Podcast Movement, which was the first event I went to before our website went up. I went to PodcastMovement initially and we got a handful of clients there. That’s pretty much how it got rolling.

Today we do the following marketing techniques to attract customers:

  • Facebook advertising. We do retargeting on Facebook. We also are going to be launching a webinar series and also geo target conferences where customers we want to target are attending.

  • Cold outreach. Sarah is doing awesome cold outreach and that’s one of the big heavy hitters for us currently.

  • Referrals. Referrals are amazing. We have an incredible affiliate program, so we do a 10% of the actual revenue of that client that you refer after their first month’s dues are paid and that’s for the lifetime of the client.

  • Content Coalition show. We also have a show where we are getting leads from.    

In terms of customer retention, just do to others what you want done to you. Realistically for us, it’s like we are human. We are going to make mistakes and there is no business that’s perfect in any way, shape or form. So when something pops up, something happens, which inevitably it does here and there, we overdeliver on the solution. That is one way that we’re able to really retain clients.

Secondly, education. I do a monthly a webinar about things that I know will be helpful for our existing clients or questions that we get from a lot of clients about, you know, how to use their, their existing assets, best practices, how to keep organized. We have done a handful of these to date. Education to me is a really big deal. I think if you don’t know how to utilize we are supplying you with, we are doing you a disservice by not teaching you the best practices. 

Finally, communication. Our communication with clients through our content hackers is really top notch. We have a variation of canned responses, but every content hacker has to have their own personality and they are all wonderful. I love everybody on this team. They are all really great with clients and just making sure that there are multiple eyes on everything has really been helpful.  We have 15 full time in the Philippines in addition to Sarah and our content curator.

3. What were your challenges and obstacles of growing your business?

Initially I touched on the original business. Focusing on the podcast audience and realizing that it was the wrong demographic with some of the right people within it. So for me it was about pivoting. Pivoting is about seeing what is happening in your business or not happening in your business. And making adjustments to fit not only like what the market needs but what you want your lifestyle to look like, what you want your team to look like.

I have made so many adjustments and tweaks to get to where this business is right now and I wasn’t afraid of people opinions. I have had people tell me that I was not fit to be an entrepreneur because I wasn’t willing to dig my heels in and just keep on going the course, even though I knew that there were changes that needed to be made, like the rebrand. I think trusting my gut has been a really, really big part of the 10 months of craziness that it has become Repurpose House. It’s scaling so quickly that I know I made the right choice and you cannot tell me that other businesses that are super successful hit the nail on the head on their first try.

I think trusting my gut has been a really, really big part of the 10 months of craziness that it has become Repurpose House.

4. What has been helpful to help you to grow your business?

Russ Perry of Design Pickle was a super big influence on me. When I was in the Philippines with them, doing video production, he sat me down and said “Listen, you have the capability and you can certainly create something that’s scalable, like video production, isn’t it?” And I knew that already before he told me that. But hearing him, you know, doubled down on that and see how quickly he created and grew his business was super inspirational and it he was such an incredible resource for me because he was an open book on how he scaled Design Pickle.

In terms of tools we use Freshdesk for our ticketing platform. That’s been incredible.

As regard to books I actually use the LYBYE (Living Your Best Year Ever) journal every single day. I have an accountability partner that has been life altering, being able to set pillar goals for the year and then, dial them down into the quarter or dial them down to the month. The daily Rhythm Register has completely transformed my personal and my business life and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to do big things with their business, with their lives.

One of the best decisions I made was hiring Sarah, my Director of Ops. I knew that I could make the majority of income, like pretty much it was a profitable business from the beginning had I not hired Sarah, but she’s the best investment that I could have ever made. There is no possible way that this business would be as scalable and automated and that I wouldn’t have had a complete meltdown or heart attack had I not invested in her.

5. What is your advice for those are starting productized services?

Building something that I don’t physically have to be there to run was very difficult because I am a control freak. But when I’d had circumstances where for a week I couldn’t work on Repurpose House, it thrived. We had our best week to date one week that I was completely out of pocket. And to me that was really bittersweet because you want to be needed in your business. I think obviously I was needed in other ways for growth and vision, but I intended from the very beginning to create something that I could step out of and it would still thrive. That is the case now that we’re ramping up and scaling quicker now than we were three months ago and that has been pretty incredible.

So I would say like at the very beginning, create systems, processes and automation and hire the right people to ensure that you don’t physically have to be there.

at the very beginning, create systems, processes and automation and hire the right people to ensure that you don’t physically have to be there.

Another thing that is really important is documenting your processes and having great training platforms. We make sure that every single process that we do is documented regardless of who does it. For example, if something happened to anybody who is like a major player like Sarah, if somebody else has to take that over, there’s no guesswork on where things are, how she does it.  It’s all documented. We know how to pass it off. That just makes your business really scalable so that you can go ahead and continue to move forward and grow.

Another thing, about customer service: Sometimes it is interesting to me that people have a fear of giving things away to make things right and make things better. It sometimes hurts the gut a little bit to say: “Hey, we made a mistake, but we’re gonna make it right by x, y, and z” Sometimes the apology isn’t enough. Sometimes you really have to take a bigger step in the opposite direction to make it better so that people have an overall positive feeling about your business. Some of the folks that we’ve had mistakes made with their content, who were really upset initially have become some of our biggest evangelists just because we knew that to be humble and to really not just make things right, but to go above and beyond to make them thrilled that they’re still a part of our company.


6. What are your plans for the future?

Our goal is to be at $63,000 MRR by the end of the year. Just based on the last couple of months growth, it’s not unattainable, that’s for sure. We really cranked up with Sara’s cold outreach campaigns through the email like two months ago and saw just crazy growth on that. So we are going to really double down on that and see what we have got. We are definitely focusing right now on making sure that scaling teams  is super clean because now that it’s scaling quicker, we need to know what that process looks like and have that nice and clean. As far as new products, we are going to be creating a Webinar series to help people get their content game strong. Once that content game is strong, then they’ll be able to utilize us as an even better service to really crank out their content strategy. So I’m super excited about that.

In terms of personal goals, it would be to do the trip out to the Philippines and do a huge and awesome team building like weekend or week actually. And that’s gonna be really exciting. I am hoping to at least get that on the books by the end of the year for early in the spring. I see everybody on Zoom constantly and to be able to go in there and high five, everybody would be beyond incredible. I get messy just thinking about it. That would be really amazing to meet the team. That’s definitely a personal goal of mine for this year or for 2020. Then also like we’re trying to have kids, so, you know, hopefully by the end of 2020 we’ve got a miniature version of yours truly, which would be amazing and terrifying all at the same time.

7. Where can we learn more about you?

You can follow me on Twitter.

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